Microsoft quits Android after buying Nokia

Microsoft to quit further Nokia X android versions and converting them to Lumia series with Windows Mobile OS.
Nokia before sealing the deal with Microsoft announced its version of android smartphones Nokia X. It was considered a smart move at the time to enter the huge android market but later after Microsoft acquisition all changed in favor of Windows Mobile.
Maybe we can expect cheaper Lumia smartphones with the technology Nokia X has to offer.

Nokia X

Facebook timeline for pages


Facebook has just rolled out its timeline for pages.
Facebook timeline was available first for developers in early summer, and now almost every profile has timeline layout by default.

This feature was one of the most anticipated, mostly for brands. Which now can be very creative in their facebook page design. Also every layout or graphic designer should be happy especially on the revenue zone.

Many brands, restaurants, companies, fan pages etc. are keen on being the first to have a stand out fan page design, now the chance is here.

Zagat just another drupal site!

Just today as I was about to finish my work on twitter a new buzz was starting to unfold, the acquisition of Zagat - a user generated content and trusted consumer reviews.

Since that was the first time I heard of this name I started searching on google and then went to

I was just doing a simple search on the page and when I saw the url suddenly it looked familiar. Every time I check on a site i see the source code. Now I could not stop even more...

Drupal, not difficult as you thought

Ever since i started knowing and then learning about the world of cms (content management system) it has been almost four years. Yeah for me is a long run but for you maybe not.
I started testing some cms at the time being as you may now utterly know (joomla, wordpress, typocms and of course drupal) there were some other stuff too but i can`t remember them all. Over all I could see the power drupal had to offer with its cck (content construction kit)and views I could also divide content to category or as drupalers* call it taxonomy.

Microsoft Internet Explorer Patch MS10-002

After Google`s Cyber attack from china through Internet Explorer German afterwards French government suggesting users to immediatly switch to another alternative more secure browser.
Microsoft under pressure finally released a patch for its security hole but that`s a really big hole.
Anyways you can follow this link to grab it from Microsoft and feel a little more safer I suppose.

Microsoft Internet Explorer Patch MS10-002

Windows 7 freezes at wellcome screen

So it was the second time or the third...
After trying Windows 7 it worked pretty fast comparing to lousy Vista which by the way sucked big time, cool Aero and Aero Peek features etc. My Notebook and my Pc freezed at wellcome screen for the second or the third time. So i tried to remember what was the last thing I installed so I could figure out what was causing all this mess.

OEMCFG.dll file is missing Samsung

When it comes to printers they have many problems.
Lately my office multifunctional all in one Scanner, Copier, Printer Samsung CLX 2160 after a malfunction
brought this to the screen:
OEMCFG.dll file is missing Samsung needs this file
so there it was and my Scanner just vanished from My Computer interface
after many tries the solution was quite simple. Who would have ever thought?

Browse to location C:\Windows\Twain_32\Samsung\CLX216X\OEMCFG.dll
and select it

There you go
Scanner working like a charm.

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