Zagat just another drupal site!

Just today as I was about to finish my work on twitter a new buzz was starting to unfold, the acquisition of Zagat - a user generated content and trusted consumer reviews.

Since that was the first time I heard of this name I started searching on google and then went to www.zagat.com.

I was just doing a simple search on the page and when I saw the url suddenly it looked familiar. Every time I check on a site i see the source code. Now I could not stop even more...

Drupal, not difficult as you thought

Ever since i started knowing and then learning about the world of cms (content management system) it has been almost four years. Yeah for me is a long run but for you maybe not.
I started testing some cms at the time being as you may now utterly know (joomla, wordpress, typocms and of course drupal) there were some other stuff too but i can`t remember them all. Over all I could see the power drupal had to offer with its cck (content construction kit)and views I could also divide content to category or as drupalers* call it taxonomy.

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