Drupal, not difficult as you thought

Ever since i started knowing and then learning about the world of cms (content management system) it has been almost four years. Yeah for me is a long run but for you maybe not.
I started testing some cms at the time being as you may now utterly know (joomla, wordpress, typocms and of course drupal) there were some other stuff too but i can`t remember them all. Over all I could see the power drupal had to offer with its cck (content construction kit)and views I could also divide content to category or as drupalers* call it taxonomy.
Well cutting it short I just choose drupal by that time because of the great articles I read and also my tests I ran. Anyway the administration section of drupal was very awful but now with the help of the growing community has improved like a lot.

How could i have ever imagined i had a very powerful framework under my fingertips and the good part of it is that it was free after all.

So I began learning and learning, finally I got some of it essence now I want to write about it.

So this article is for those who are noobs at learning drupal. Maybe as time goes by we will continue to grow together.

Only drupal 6 or later on will be covered because that`s what I have used all the time.

Lesson 1.

How to add a javascript into a node?

To add javascript in a node you have to enable on modules [your.site]/admin/build/modules and select PHP filter Which Allows embedded PHP code/snippets to be evaluated.
than Save Configuration at the bottom of the interface.
Now when you add a page or another node you have Input Format fieldset and you will see three formats listed

  • Filtered HTML
  • Full HTML
  • PHP code

choose PHP code and on the body section at the bottom add this hook:
drupal_add_js(drupal_get_path('themes', 'yourtheme') . 'sites/all/themes/yourtheme/javascript.js');

This little code has helped me a lot and made my work easier.
I hope it does it for you too.

* drupalers Here is mentioned like the people who uses drupal